? Brief Introduction of Shengjing Hospital - ShengJing Hospital of China Medical University

A Brief Introduction to Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University is a large, modern and digitalized hospital. At present, the Hospital has three campuses and one base for education, research and development. The Nanhu Campus is located in Sanhao Street, Heping District and the Huaxiang Campus is situated in Huaxiang Road, Tiexi District of Shenyang city in Liaoning Province, with a total land area of 130,000 square meters and a gross floor area of 540,000 square meters. The Shenbei Campus which lies in Puhe Street, Shenyang North New Area has a land area of 235,000 square meters. The Base for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research and Education of Shengjing Hospital lies in Benxi High-tech Zone known as "China Medicine Capital" and it occupies a total land area of 625,800 square meters. In 2014, “SHENGJING HOSPITAL” succeeded in application for the “Famous Trademark of China”, and became the first general hospital in China that owns the Chinese famous trademark.

The Hospital has adopted a unified management mode for its multiple campuses. "Nanhu Campus", "Huaxiang Campus" and "Shenbei Campus" of Shengjing Hospital share one leadership team at the hospital and department level, one information system, and one unified management for human resources, finance, medical service and logistics. Integrated management ensures consistency of the hospital culture at different campuses, coordinated operation and rapid development, and gives full play to the advantages of medical services in major cities.

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