? History of One Hundred Years - ShengJing Hospital of China Medical University
Excellent and Profound in Medical Skills,
Sincere in Providing Health Care Services
—in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of Shengjing Hospital

130 years’ history, never shifting heart and never turning back;
130 years’ responsibility, never afraid of danger and never avoid difficulty;
130 years’ exploration, never complacent and never arrogant;
130 years ……

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Thirty Years in Moukden

(UK) Dugald·Christie writed, (UK) Lzawa·Lnglis edited, Zhang Shizun, Xin Danna translated, Hubei People's Publishing House.

The author of this book, Dugald·Christie [also had been translated to Si Tuge, the founder of the Shengjing Hospital], was born in Scotland in 1855. At the age of 22, he entered the University of Edinburgh Medical Missionary. After graduation, he did missionary work in the northeast of China for a long time. The co-author of this book, Lzawa·Lnglis, is the wife of Dugald. In 1914, she and Dugald accorded to a London publisher’s requirement to write the book, which was published by London “Kang YU” Publishing House after completion in May 1914. From 1883 to 1913, these three decades were the most complex period of history in the northeast of China, where occurred the Sino-Japanese War, the Boxer Rebellion,the Russo-Japanese War, Plague, the revolution of 1911, experienced the ups and downs. In this book, through his own personal experience of memories, the author vividly depicted social historical outlook at that time. Therefore, this book provides valuable information for the study of the history of late Qing Dynasty, the local history of Northeast China, the spread of Christianity and social history, and at the same time it also be regarded as a highly readable literature and history books.

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